Despite the worldwide buzz and hype craving for big data and artificial intelligence, the Harvard Business Review hailed data scientists as "the sexiest profession of the 21st century."  Do you really want to equip yourself with the ability to analyze the big data?  Would you like to be able to correctly interpret the data analysis results?  Do you want to get a grasp on a variety of data types and be able to work comfortably with big data?  How do experts handle the rapidly increasing amount of data set (consists of billions to trillions of records of many things)?  How can decision makers predict the future using historical data?  Do you like to catch up with the up-to-date innovations in artificial intelligence? 

  We, the Institute of Data Science at National Cheng Kung University cordially invite you to join us!
By joining our team, you will be able to enter a cross-disciplinary learning environment and a cross-technology learning  platform. The Institute features the following diverse and flexible learning attributes:

  1. Consisting of faculty members, with a wide range of specializations and expertise in the fields of statistical sciences, able to provide professional training in various data analysis techniques;
  2. Encouraging students to take suitable courses from other departments or institutes to get exposure to different research knowledge and fields;
  3. Inspiring students to participate in miscellaneous research projects, especially aligned with the needs of Southern Science Industrial Park and the local medical industries at all levels.  Participants will be well trained in the advanced data analysis theory and techniques, and then apply them through industry-university collaboration projects;
  4. Fostering the spirit of teamwork and build an effective learning environment through forming  groups of students led by professors to participate in various data analysis competitions, where each team has an opportunity to challenge data experts around the world.