The rise of Big Data Analysis has revolutionized the related industries and applications in recent years. Data Science has also inspired the resurgence of artificial intelligence, which has led to the competition for the cultivation of talents in data science research and related industry of international and domestic academic fields. Today's so-called Data Scientists refer to experts who can extract useful information from various data sets and apply them in different fields. Therefore, data scientists must not only have the ability of statistical data analysis and scientific computing related programing, but more importantly, they can integrate big data analysis into various professional fields.

Basically, data science is a cross-disciplinary science that includes statistical science, information science, and knowledge in related fields. Compared with other data science-related teaching units, the training of our institute emphasizes the statistical data analysis courses required by data science as the main axis, supplemented by information engineering courses. In addition, NCKU is a comprehensive university, the faculty of each department has a strong lineup, and the complete information of each center can be used as a strong backing for the professional application knowledge field of the institute and the development of data science.