【專題演講】110/6/10(四)15:30-16:30 劉月琴教授

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We present a general framework for prediction in which a prediction is in the form of a distribution function, called ‘predictive distribution function’. This predictive distribution function is well suited for prescribing the notion of confidence under the frequentist interpretation and providing meaningful answers for prediction-related questions. A general approach under this framework is formulated and illustrated using the so-called confidence distributions (CDs). We discuss the theory underlying the CD-based predictive distribution and related efficiency and optimality. We also propose a simple yet broadly applicable Monte-Carlo algorithm for implementing the proposed approach. This concrete algorithm together with the proposed definition and associated theoretical development provide a comprehensive statistical inference framework for prediction. Finally, the approach is illustrated by a real project on predicting the volume of applications to a government agency. This illustration actually shows the broad applicability of the proposed approach to dependent data settings as well.