【專題演講】110/4/9(五)9:00-10:00 林共進教授

摘 要

If Francis Bacon were born today, I could well imagine that he might have said “Data is power” instead of his original saying, “Knowledge is power.”  Data is everywhere.  When data speaks, do you understand what data is trying to tell you?  In memory of Dr. Deming (a guru in quality), this talk attempts to address the fundamental quality issue in modern data science.  Specifically, I will attempt to explain what exactly Data Science really means, what the impact of Data Science is to the real world, and the data quality (the so-called “Bad Data”) issue.  Statisticians have much more to contribute to both the intellectual vitality and the practical utility of Data Science.  At the same time, Data Science challenges statisticians to move out of some familiar habits to engage less structured problems, to become more comfortable with ambiguity, and to engage more scientists in a fruitful discussion on what various parties can bring to this new mode of investigation. Some potential avenues for future research along this direction will be proposed.