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Admission quota 5
Admission quota Domestic/international bachelor degree or equivalent qualification 
Examination subjects Written examination:
1. Statistics (including regression analysis) (50%)
2. Introduction to Computer (including data structure) (50%)
Those with the highest score of "Statistics (including regression analysis)" in the same time are preferred.

1.Statistics for Business and Economics (13th Edition) by Anderson, Sweeney, Williams, Camm and Cochran, Cengage-Learning.
2.Introduction to Linear Regression Analysis (5th Edition) by Montgomery, Peck and Vining, Wiley
3.Computer Science: An Overview (12th Edition) by Brookshear and Brylow, Pearson.
4.Fundamentals of Data Structures in C (2nd Edition) by Horowitz, Sahni, Anderson-Freed, Silicon Pr.